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Newsletter for Margie's Sew Much Fun in Crestview, Florida

MON., NOV 14, WED., NOV 16 OR SAT., NOV 19
Sewing Accessories - Quilting Crestview, FL
1 Session, 5 Hours (Beginner Level) (Bring a Snack)
Learn a few basics of quilting while making a lovely item for your home or a gift for a special person. The kit comes with all the fabric required to make the table runner (you just need to provide the batting and thread). Even better the fabric is all PRE-CUT—just open the kit and start sewing. Several colors are available.
Kit Fee:
Class Fee: $30.00 + Supplies
Inst: Cheryl Woods
Tues., Nov. 1, 9:30-2:30
Using Sewing Machine - Fabric in Crestview, FL
2 Sessions, 5 Hours Each (Beginner Level)
This is a super fast and easy top to make out of most any cute fabric (it is especially nice with rayon because of the drape). We will cut out and make it in class using a serger and sewing machine. I will furnish the serger.
Class Fee: $30.00 + Supplies
Inst: Margie Greene
Fri., Nov. 4 and Nov. 18, 10:00-3:00
Bag - Sewing Machine in Crestview, FL
1 Session, 6 Hours (Bring Lunch) (Intermediate)
Be prepared to start an addiction! Once you make one of these bags, you will want to make more for yourself and friends. Perfect for showcasing some of Margie's beautiful new fabrics!! Great class to learn some new techniques and create a bag you will love to use.
Class Fee: $30.00 + Supplies
Inst: Ashli Bugby
Tues., Nov. 8, 9:30-3:30
Hand Knitted Baby Booties and Blanket - Quilting Crestview, FL
1 Session, 6 1/2 Hours (Bring Lunch) (Beginner Level)
This is a fabulous way to use your serger to turn charm packs into a table topper, baby blanket, lap quilt and much more! We have many in-stock charm packs or you can cut your own 5” squares to use some of that stash in your resource center. So quick and easy with a serger!! Don't own one???—we'll let you use one of ours to see how wonderful they are.
Class Fee: $25.00 + Supplies
Inst: Tammi Hudson
Tues., Nov. 15, 9:30-4:30
There are many reasons why you benefit from supporting your local quilt shop, and all small local businesses for that matter. Locally owned businesses:

1) Invest in their community. Big Box stores are only interested in their investors.
2) Keep the money in the local community, not in the hands of their corporate personnel.
3) Create more jobs for local people.
4) Provide better service (I'll get back to this point shortly).
5) Provide innovation and creativity for their customers.

These are only a few of the reasons for supporting your local quilt shops. I recently had first-hand experience with a Big Box store in Pensacola. I needed drapery weight fabric for a window treatment and the store had Waverly fabric on sale. My hubby and I drove over and he waited in the vehicle as I proceeded to locate a suitable fabric. Went to the service desk to ask if someone could help me retrieve the roll of fabric—was told to take a number and get in line. After 20 minutes my number was called, and I said I needed help to get the fabric—was told to get it myself and bring it to the service desk. Went and got the hubby to help me lift the roll off the rack, got another number and waited another 30 minutes for my number to be called. Hubby said this was like going to get your car serviced and having them hand you a can of oil and tell you to do it yourself, and asked why in the world I would spend my money to get treated this rudely.

If we don't spend our money with our local businesses they won't be there in the future and all we will have is nationally owned stores that provide poor quality merchandise and treat us badly while we give them our hard earned cash.

~ Susan Mixon